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Accidents with Commercial Vehicles
Being involved in an accident with a large commercial vehicle can be a real disaster, especially when it results in economic damage, injury or death. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, it is vital that you carry out these activities to be able to fight for legal indemnity. Large companies usually have insurance for this type of situation. They also employ research personnel who visit accident scenes immediately. These researchers work for their client, not you. Many factors can result in an accident with a commercial vehicle, including:
  1. Driver’s errors and/or lack of rest, drowsiness, medication use.
  2. Mechanical problems with the vehicle and equipment.
  3. Climatic factors.
  4. Conditions of streets, roads or highways.
Therefore, if possible, carry out these activities, collect evidence, and remain calm.
  • Seek immediate medical attention.
  • Call the police
  • Call the Rubio Law Firm at (205) 443-7858
  • Gather the other driver’s information (name, license, vehicle information, insurance, name of the company that owns the commercial vehicle)
  • Information from other drivers involved in the accident
  • Scene photographs (streets and intersections, pavement markings, vehicle-involved, debris, injuries)
  • Police report and information of the officer in charge
  • Witness information
  • Do not talk to anyone (without first consulting your lawyer)
  • Do not sign anything (without first consulting your lawyer)
  • Do not let your vehicle move because it is the key to the accident (without first consulting your lawyer)
Our lawyers put their experience at your disposal and will assert your rights by conducting thorough investigations and seeking equitable and fair compensation for you. Call or visit us as soon as possible after the accident.

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