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Sexual Offenses

Women and minors (boys and girls) are most vulnerable to sex-related crimes, but anyone can be a victim, even men.

This conduct is condemned by society and condemned by law. Any person, regardless of sex, age, nationality, immigration status or any other circumstance is entitled to the protection of the law.

To prevent a minor from being a victim of sexual offenses, take these precautions:

  • Do not allow children to go to public restrooms alone.
  • Teach children to not accept gifts from strangers, and to report the stranger to an adult immediately.
  • Do not allow children to walk dark and lonely paths (streets, trails, etc.)
  • Teach children that no one should touch their body, or their friends’ and family’s body.
  • Make it safe for children who have been harassed to tell you what has happened.

Common Types of Sexual Offenses:

  • Harassment
  • Abuse
  • Rape
  • Incest
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Sexual Assault
  • Pornography

These crimes are condemned according to the aggravating factors such as: age of the victim, physical violation, the number of attackers, kinship or degree of authority of the attacker, physical and/or psychological violence among others. People who perform sex-related crimes face a a number of punishments, including: imprisonment, fines, registration as a sex offender, and paying monetary compensation, among others.

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