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Theft and Assault

We represent clients charged with different crimes, such as:

  • Identity theft
  • Firearm assaults
  • Shoplifting or other places
  • Assaults on private property
  • Armed robbery

We offer legal counseling and defense services if you need representation on criminal charges against you. These charges may range from private property trespassing, burglary, firearm assault, or many other charges.

Sentences for theft and assault crimes can be severe, and often include time in prison, probation, fines and/or restitution of damages.

It is necessary to distinguish between theft and assault:

Theft: The action of taking someone else’s property for profit without the consent of the owner. No violence or intimidation is carried out.

Assault: The action of attacking suddenly and by surprise.

Depending on how the crime is committed, charges before a court may be different and the penalties imposed will vary.

We have the people and the experience to defend against theft and assault cases. Call us immediately to look for the best solution for you.

Contact us to discuss your case. We will discuss alternatives and your best options according to your case.

Charged with a theft or assault crime?

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