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Rubio Law firm represents individuals and businesses in Alabama. Our experience as trial lawyers has helped achieved unique results for our clients. We believe that lawyers that are experienced in trial work and stand ready to try cases to judges or juries, open additional options to their clients. Our lawyers have tried cases related to civil matters; criminal charges; in municipal court; domestic relations court and family court. Preparing our cases for trial, gives our clients a better possibility that their matter could be resolved outside the courtroom, whether by mediation or more informal settlements. While we represent people from all segments of the community, our bilingual firm has a history of representing Spanish-speaking clients in all types of litigation.

Specifically, our lawyers have represented individuals in many states throughout the country, as well as in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. Rubio Law Firm has handled cases in both State and Federal Courts. In Civil Federal Court, we’ve handled cases related wage discrimination (FLSA) and lawsuits involving out of state companies. In Criminal Federal Court, we’ve defended individuals charged with immigration violations, firearm charges and drug charges. In state Court, we’ve litigated a wide variety of cases, including: accidents, defective product, medical negligence, wrongful death, breach of contracts and fraud.

Rubio Law Firm Is Equipped To Handle Complex Legal Issues In The Following Areas:


Business Litigation

Breach of Contract
Business to Business

Defective Products

Defective Car Products
Tire Blowouts

Medical Injury

Child Injuries
Dangerous Drugs
Defective Medical Devices
Spinal Cord Injuries

Premise Liability

Construction Accidents
Nursing Home Abuse
Slip and Falls
Workers Compensation

Serious Injury

Accidents with Commercial Vehicles
Motorcycle Accidents
Truck Accidents

Other Legal Issues

Criminal Lawsuit Defense


Rubio Law Firm, P.C. is a law firm focused in representing Alabama’s Hispanic community in the areas of personal injury, criminal defense and constitutional issues. Our lawyers work to ensure that immigrants have the same access to justice as the community at large. As attorneys representing immigrants, we have witnessed the fear and oppression our clients have experienced from the actions of individuals, private companies and governments. Alabama’s anti-refugee position fosters fear and inequality, driving a wedge between native Alabamians and the immigrant community, as HB-56 did several years ago.

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